Camp Kedma is a project of CAMP SDEI CHEMED INTERNATIONAL and is being operated in lieu of SDEI CHEMED GIRLS.

Tentative Dates for 2018: June 24th – July 19th



The experience was outstanding and the warm staff made me feel right at home. The girls were caring, kindhearted, fun, full of energy and showed much hakoras hatov in every situation. I think every Bais Yaakov girl should go on this trip.
Truly an amazing, fun and inspiring summer!! I will definitely recommend this to all my friends!
The past month is one I will truly remember and cherish forever. Each day was well planed with great activities and fun times, building friendships that will hopefully last a life- time. The summer was truly amazing! You can go to the greatest camp but without nice girls and a good atmosphere, it won’t make you happy. We did so many fun things but it was so enjoyable because the girls were the kind of girls you want to be with. Camp Kedma is an experience of a life-time that you will look back on and cherish forever.
Elisheva had a wonderful summer! Thank you for the hard work that all the staff put into it! She had excellent role models, made many good friends and enjoyed touring Israel and Italy. She learned about the historical and spiritual significance of the places in such a natural and fun way! Camp Kedma is a wonderful experience for a high school student. The atmosphere is warm and caring with superb staff. They combine learning, touring and fun activities for an action packed summer.